Custome Shoe Uppers for Uprising and Professional Shoemakers

Shortly, this is the story: as I will work in the USA for a year (at least), my upper- and pattern-makers have some free capacity – I thought I will provide it to those people, who are interested in it. My idea is: if you have a last, but no upper, and clue how to make one – now you can order with the pattern. All you need to do: send us half pair of your last – and we return it with the ready made upper and the pattern, so you can try to make it on your own.

Some restrictions:

– as I won’t be here, I cannot help in technical details,

– we have to limit the orders to certain types of products,

– the leather will be provided my us, but limited number of colours,

– you need to make a detailed and GOOD technical specification (we give you all necessary help in it),

– all construction errors are your risk (I am talking about those problems, which happens sometimes with prototypes, althought we make our best to make you good products). Note again – I won’t be here, to advise avoiding problems – e.g. if you design an upper to your last, and later the last will be impossible to remove – too bad. You have to have a certain technical knowledge to order things..

– no crazy stuff and we will eliminated certain models, which could cause more errors than the others.

And finally: PLEASE do not write e-mails with orders yet (comments are welcome). We will announce this service in time.

Good news isn’t it?

3 thoughts on “Custome Shoe Uppers for Uprising and Professional Shoemakers

  1. very good idea ! waiting for more information ! but a tutorial for making upper and pattern would be a good idea too !!

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