I spent a week in France on my holiday and somehow I found myself in a museum, in a shoemaker’s workshop.

What is wrong with museums?

1. They don’t really know about our craft – just collect a lot of thing and display. This isn’t real.

2. They make the false impression, that our craft died. People should search shoemaking in real workshops (just like museologist if they need advices)

3. It is just sad. But after it is good to return to my real, living workshop.

3 thoughts on “Museums

  1. Well, it’s funny that you mention museums! The university here has a museum and will be mounting a “history of shoes” exhibit this winter. Guess who may do a demo/presentation for them? My skills and knowledge, while not great, still exceed what the museum staff have. I will post more when I find out what they want me to do, or what I design to do for them. Just now I think of presenting a series of lasts, each one showing a shoe in various stages of construction; with one I can demonstrate lasting, and/or one I can show the welting process. I hope to get the chance to educate some people about a craft that is very much alive!! (Of course my sandal customers get a big earful about shoes while I am taking their sandal orders 🙂 )

  2. I don’t think I can do too much damage in such a short amount of time 🙂 And if I can convince just a few people to look differently at the shoes they are wearing, I will be glad enough!

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