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I always believed that French have a certain, very special perspective to arts and fashion. It is not an accident, when you talk about fashion and fashion design, french brand names pop up in your mind and the “capital of fashion is a French city – Paris.

I am proud to introduce Marie A. – straight from France, Lyon. Not Paris, but if you ever be there – as beautiful and colorful as the capital, and definitely better in many cases. (like food and I believe in arts). Anyway, here is Marie’s work – she is one of my former apprentice (and I hope we will work together sometimes in the future), and the only French one. It is amazing what she achieved in a year, as she spent only a month here last March, and since then she could build up a sophisticated, sexy brand.

She is a great example what you can achieve if you believe and love what you do (and do it seriously, not just crafty)

Her website:

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