I am in the USA

We are arrived already! We were delayed everywhere, so it took 36 hours to ger her, lost luggage, heart attack, and plenty run was involved, but at the end we are here in Savannah.

Just a funny story to mention: we got into a cab, and asked the cab driver about the weather… Then realized that he has an accent – guess where he was from? Yeah! Hungary! So the first taxi trip felt we came home.

Until now everything OK, only small issues with the food and mineral water.

Btw… One of the luggage which was almost lost, contained my most precious tools. You can (can’t) imagine what I felt in that half hour.

6 thoughts on “I am in the USA

  1. Glad to see you’re here safe and with all of your things, and you missed the hurricane. Lucky you. It hits us here tomorrow.

  2. Welcome to Georgia. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to meet you once I’m back home. Being stuck in Germany isn’t so bad tho, just wish I knew places to go looking for shoe tools.

    Hopefully the issue with the mineral water isn’t bubbles, you’ll be hard pressed to find it in the most of the US. Sooner or later you’ll find some good BBQ, but the the food you want is usually always available if you know where to look.

    Enjoy Savannah


    1. Mineral water tastes very strange here (I guess it is purified, not real mineral one, anyway I bought some Perrier – it isn’t expe sive as doesn’t seem popular). Food: I miss vegetables badly.

      1. Most of the water is purified and not mineral water, just check the label to make sure. As for vegetables…it’s the south and as bad as some of it seems there are a lot of places where certain veggies are a staple.

        Look out for markets that are owned by Asian groups, they often have a wider range of veggies and better prices, in the Atlanta area we have International Farmer’s Markets (that are awesome I don’t know if there are any in the Savannah area though). I’ve also seen eastern European markets and by the fact that Savannah is a port city it would not surprise me if there are a few in the area. If your Hungarian taxi driver is in the Savannah area and you have his card he will likely be a good person to ask.

        Also look out or do a web search for farmer’s markets. Usually there will be several throughout your area where locals will bring fresh produce to sale. I know there is a large one in Savannah off of highway 80 just look up “Savannah State Farmer’s Market”.

        When you have a free day drive down the coast, it’s not very long only about 90miles/150km. Jekyll Island is a cool little place to have a day at the beach or a round of golf. On top of that Florida is not far away, though it is a ways into Florida before you get somewhere really good.

        I’m halfway rambling now and that’s not my side of the state, but if you need any help or ideas with local stuff just let me know. If I am clueless I know a few people who won’t be.


  3. good luck in Savanna one of the most quirky and wired towns in the south lots of history and charming southern ways. a humanism for strange LOL keep us posted on the class if you have the time ordered my last for my first pair of shoes and its all because of your inspiration
    take care

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