8 thoughts on “Tools

  1. Useful to see what you consider your can’t do without tools, having seen all the tools you have collected.

    I know I tend to collect tools, but only really use a small number of them most of the time. But sometimes I just need a variant of the usual to achieve the job easily. Then the collection comes in handy.

  2. Marcell Hi, my name is Kamil, I’m Polish and I would love to learn to make shoes:) wish you success in the U.S.. (sorry for my English)

  3. Marcell, any thoughts of doing private workshops in addition to your actual teaching schedule? Georgia is just a few hours away for me! I can bring chocolate…

  4. Is that an electric burnishing Iron?

    I saw one on a Japanese video and he was using it to adjust the uppers just prior to pulling the last.

    Does it have a specific tool name?

  5. wonderful, have been looking for a way to correspond with with cure pros like u. in the pattern making i did not get the exact mesurements you took with the ruler.

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