Back to School

As you probably have heard, I accepted a job offer in the United States to teach footwear design, prototyping…and so on. Basically everything about shoes. Well, this project is going right now. We arrived to Savannah 5 days ago, and although my contract hasn’t started yet, I couldn’t stand to go into the faculty and do what I can. For confidential reasons, I can’t give details what I suggested to change/buy/do differently, let’s just say: a lot.

What about my professional life? Does it slow me down? Well, maybe a little bit, so my competitors can celebrate a bit…but not for long. I am still a master shoemaker, I still keep courses (next one’s in November), I still work on my RTW shoes (frankly this project suffers the most because of my job, but also has some advantages: I will have more time to design and I will have more contacts. If you put these two together, and finally I can put my name to the map. Not on the bespoke makers’ map – I believe I have a strong position over there, but generally the shoe manufacturer’s one, and that is something. Without saying anything in specific,  let’s just leave it as a surprise. A major one.

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