Making a flat women’s ballet shoe – pattern tutorial

I decided to make an online pattern making course, but I just realized, that it is too much work to organize the payments (though it would be good now), and the whole administration. So enjoy – free. And thanks for staying with me, even if I am pretty inactive recently.

At the end, you might have something like this:

Let me know, how you can use it! It might inspire me to make more… 😉

42 thoughts on “Making a flat women’s ballet shoe – pattern tutorial

  1. Thank you so much!!! It looks awesome!! I will go ahead and try to make one tomorrow after I finished my pumps prototype!!!

  2. awesome i wish i had time to do this right now but alas its going to have to wait but i will get to it thank you so much for taking time out of your busy life to teach us

  3. Yes, it is very difficult to make patterns online without audio.. Sometime you have to speak to your students…That’s my experience..

  4. Fantastic! Seeing your process has already made me rethink how I was making patterns for low cut shoes. I drew them on the tape and then cut the tape pattern along the topline before removing the tape piece. I have had trouble getting/keeping the topline tight enough in the shoe. Now I see why. If I took the whole side of the tape pattern off together, I would be a lot less likely to get distortion in the tape pattern.

    Thank you for the explicit photos. Now i can tackle the ballet shoes on the last I bought from you earlier. This helps a lot as it reduces the number of decisions I need to make, such as the shape of the topline, the height of the heel, etc. Too many decisions bog me down.

    1. I would like to learn this.any one have more tips ? I have never made a pattern. I’m new to the world of shoe making, and want to make a low cut ballet flat.

  5. Thanks Marcell. I will use this in a couple months. I have another shoe pattern that I cut, but I still need to finish it up. This was great! Thx again.

  6. Hi, l am new to your blog / website and l think it ‘s fantastic- Thank you, for the pattern tutorial,it really is good !!! and as an ex footwear student it’s amazing what l have forgotten ( oooooo) … so l can’t wait for your next tutorial,

  7. Gonna give this to my mother in law to try, she loves having a go at this like this and she’s so good at it. The template and detail in the photo’s was very helpful

  8. Hello
    I found out about your blog from one of your YouTube videos; I was wondering where did you get your shoe last from. I have been having a hard time finding shoe last for flat shoes. I would like to start my own line of women’s flat shoes and with my search I have found a few different websites. Are you offering in classes in the New York City area any time soon? Thank you for your help.

  9. Thanks, thats seems very accurate. Not sure about what people look for, but I would like to know about the sole making process. I find anatomical soles the best!
    Thanks for share this precious knowledge.

  10. I wish I could go to NY for your class! I cannot, but thank you for all the time you took to post this pattern making tutorial. It opens a door in my mind!
    Appreciate your mastery!

  11. As a dancer I like the tutorial very much, I just wish there were a few steps more to the final product 😉 ❤

  12. I think that this would be great if you included a bit of an explanation along with the awesome images. I am trying to make ballerina slippers for my daughter, but I can’t understand what all of the pieces are for. I wish that I could use your pattern though, it seems to be the BEST one that I was able to find!

  13. My sis suggested me relating to your web-site and how best it is. She’s right, I’m Quite astonished with the crafting and slick structure.. i bookmarked this! looking for updates. A good deal far more Additional Supplemental.

  14. I want to to thank you for this great read!!
    I absolutely enjoyed every little bit of it.
    I have you saved as a favorite to look at new stuff you post…

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