Another city, different world

Have you ever tried to collect your shoemaking stuff into one bag, and make shoes somewhere else? Let me tell you something: you will forget something at home, that’s for sure. Just a little thing, that you just use once per week, maybe twice, but essential. I came here with a full bag of tools, and i already miss some of my stuff from the wall, from a a secret corner, from a deep end of a drawer.. And haven’t even mentioned the supplies.
I didn’t bring any supplies here. I wish I did. I never have thought that this would be this hard. First, I don’t have a car (so I’m practically handicapped), second I don’t have a lot of money… Somehow “finders” think that shoemakers (enthusiastic hobby-shoemakers) are very rich people. Well, not this one. I’ve been living in a hotel for a month now, I need to pay all of my costs in Hungary, so I have very limited amounts to purchase stuff. And anyway, prices are insane, when it gets to supplies. I mean unreasonably insane.

I started to teach – already jumped to deep water, as we say in Hungary, and I must tell you it is not easy, but very rewarding. “there are good moments” as one my colleague said.

4 thoughts on “Another city, different world

  1. I can’t even imagine. It’s a bit tricky just to move shoes from one continent to another without them being mangled; to move a workshop would be a real challenge.

  2. i feel for you buddy just take a breath and put one foot in front of the other as they say here in the US that means go slow and be logical all things will work out in the end

  3. I agree with your comment on the finders.
    Here in the US. A shoulder of J.R. Redenbach codt $25.00 a lb. and baby french calf is $8.50 a ft., but we own a business so we are rich or so they think.


  4. Marcel,

    You are lucky since you can still find a finder in US. Now you know how I feel for seaching a tool all over the world. You will used to it 😉


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