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Shoes and Craft

A shoemaker's blog about shoemaking

Have you ever tried to collect your shoemaking stuff into one bag, and make shoes somewhere else? Let me tell you something: you will forget something at home, that’s for sure. Just a little thing, that you just use once per week, maybe twice, but essential. I came here with a full bag of tools, and i already miss some of my stuff from the wall, from a a secret corner, from a deep end of a drawer.. And haven’t even mentioned the supplies.
I didn’t bring any supplies here. I wish I did. I never have thought that this would be this hard. First, I don’t have a car (so I’m practically handicapped), second I don’t have a lot of money… Somehow “finders” think that shoemakers (enthusiastic hobby-shoemakers) are very rich people. Well, not this one. I’ve been living in a hotel for a month now, I need to pay all of my costs in Hungary, so I have very limited amounts to purchase stuff. And anyway, prices are insane, when it gets to supplies. I mean unreasonably insane.

I started to teach – already jumped to deep water, as we say in Hungary, and I must tell you it is not easy, but very rewarding. “there are good moments” as one my colleague said.

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