What’s up..

I started to work on my book. I would say, this is not perfectly new, as I already started to work on it at least twice, but this time there are some differences. I don’t have anything to distract my attention from it and I have a lot of possibilities (like cool Wacom tablets, huge scanners, cheap offers to print a book, helpful people who can help to translate my English to real English etc.) around me. This time it will work.

I made already a long list of topics I want include, but feel free to suggest me some.

10 thoughts on “What’s up..

  1. i would like alike to buy a copy of this book when it is ready… also, will you be teaching students in the US, possibly in Seattle Washington? or anywhere near? i would take your class also!

  2. Missing more info from you we know you busy but don’t forget us please. COULD YOU PLEASE DO A COURSE for long distance folks. I’ve found some schools on the USA for shoe making but when I look at the final shoes the students are making it really turn me off. I’m a Big Fan of your work !!

  3. I wish you the very best on your book. I am in awe when I see your work, such fine craftsmanship is a rare thing in this crazy world. I share your interest and enthusiasm in making shoes. I have completed but one pair of roller skate boots, but I am working on my first pair of “Work Shoes” and will use knowledge gained from your fabulous blog to finish my new pair. Thanks and have a great day!

  4. Possiblities of topics..to be included in book/s, I would like seen are as follows…especially if it is a very traditional style for ‘Bespoke Shoes’.
    Think this information has been lost over time, I believe.

    1) Handcrafting Lasts / Styles Of Lasts (needed for diifferent
    construction of shoe types / designs)
    2) Making Of Ballet Pointe Shoes & Handmade Toe Blocks
    3) Turnshoes With Heels (Men/Ladies)
    4) Atheletic shoes: Trainers/ Joggers / Formal Dress Trainers.
    5) Any Shoe Tools You can Make Yourself.

    Hope this would be interesting to you & everyone.
    Good luck with your book & best wishes….

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