Shoe Design Tutorial – How to Render a Shoe Design

Here is a small tutorial, how to make a handsome shoe render, using Photoshop and a photo. The reason we use a photo for this, not only to copy the outlines, but also learn about the highlight – shadow proportions, shapes, etc. A good lesson to make, if you want to design shoes and you don’t want to trust your customers fantasy (I might suggest not to). Continue reading Shoe Design Tutorial – How to Render a Shoe Design

New record

Today my blog reached a new visitor record, I mean 5 times more than usual days. Unfortunately wordpress statistics don’t say anything, so please comment: where are you from?
But anyway: thanks for reading my blog guys!

Student work I.

This is what I do here, in the United States – teaching student to design and make beautiful footwear like these. (more will come soon). The flip flop were made after 3 weeks, the sandals after 6. This is a little bit different what I was teaching until now, where we were just focusing on quality and almost nothing about design, so it comes with compromises, but I believe the new age starts somewhere here – the new generation of designers understand the importance of handwork, the quality and the craftsmanship. I must say I am just witnessing some extraordinary talent here.

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