25 thoughts on “New record

  1. Hi Marcell,

    Am I one of new visitor? 😀 I’m from Indonesia, I love reading your blog like everyday and I’d love to join your apprentice program in upcoming 2012 in Budapest. Please let me know if you have it!


  2. Hi Marcell, I am one of your future shoe making students. I live in Austin, Texas. I look forward to your expert instruction. Sincerely, Von Allen

  3. New York City. This evening when I was looking up resources for sandal-making, I saw your excellent work on a shoemaking forum and found it head and shoulders above everyone else. I looked up the name in one of the pictures– here I am! This site is definitely going in my bookmarks, ASAP. Cheers!

  4. I am from Nigeria and hope to take one of your intensive apprenticeship courses… i have googled you and am so impressed…… cheers

  5. From the midwest USA . . . mildly obsessed with shoemaking and a regular visitor. Just ordered my first set of lasts, wish I could justify the expense of a course, but for me it is just a hobby.
    Congratulations on your new endeavors though, and thank you for the great youtube videos (that’s how I found your blog).

  6. Eva from Finland here, I found my way over here through youtube. Learning the shoemaker skills sounds very appealing to me.

  7. IFrom the Adirondack Mountains of northern NY…stumbled across your videos on YouTube while looking at other craft videos. Absolutely love that you are passing on this valuable skill to others. Many of us out there who really need custom, quality shoes! Thanks!
    PS you need Google Analytics plugged into your website and you will see where people are coming from, plus much more valuable insight!

  8. Rita, from Albania. I have a blog on peak oil and home economics, I am trying to find information on how shoes may be made at home with organic material only. Moccasins, espadrilles and clogs seem the easest so far.

  9. Germany, but I found your blog from an Italian blogger. I often travel to Budapest and would be interested in seeing your workshop, if it is still there!

  10. Hi,my name is Arthur.I am from Bulgaria and I am folowing your blog,but I know about you not from YouTube,but from Carina from Gamlastan (Sweeden).I have my own shoe repair shop in Varna.Learning how to make shoes from your youtube videos.Slow but very helpfull.Thank you very much.God bless you.

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