A Rare Product: Boots

well, I have more orders for shoes, right? It is just a rare thing from my workshop – mainly I am pretty busy with orders, just right now, but I made some days to show a demo to my students – this become this boot.

I am proud of the upper pattern, which was kind of complicated – straps, crimped vamp, elastic, zipper, so just everything which could make a boot really complicated… but it worked without any test uppers.

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New projects

Back to Hungary, back to work! I have plenty order to finish, or at least start, so I believe I will work day and night in this short period I spend at home.

1. A double monk strap to a Canadian customer. Maybe once I will share why it is so difficult to make this pattern. (think about the lines of forces!)

2. A 4 buckles boot. Well… This one will stay in the small family.. 😉

I will post more soon. It seems this month will be all about cordovan.

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