Button Shoes II.

Before you start to make button shoes, make sure you have these two pliers:

The first one makes the holes (I don’t think that you can’t make it by a knife and a hole punch, but perfectionism.. you know what I mean)

Yes, it is adjustable to be precise..

The other one is responsible for setting the buttons. Buttons has to be attached very securely, as the will get a lot of stress – the way we attach a normal button to a normal dress is not good, just not strong enough.

That was for today, or maybe a little teaser from the next tutorial..

8 thoughts on “Button Shoes II.

  1. What kind of brads are you using with the tool?

    I stumbled across one of these tools and buttons and purchased them an a bit of a lark as it looked cool. But I have wanted for some time to create a pair of shoes with buttoned spats. This tutorial was a huge help in pushing me forward. THANKS!

  2. Hi,
    I am spanish studient of desig. I need know where i can buy wooden shoe last for high heel. I haven´t got idea where shell this object.

    Thanks and sorry for my english.

  3. I really like this tutorial!
    First read it a year ago and i have purchased both pliers on ebay since 🙂
    Could you please tell me where i can buy those buttons or under what name i can find them on the internet?
    When i google “botton pliers shoes” or something like that i can’t find the right buttons and attachements.
    Thank you a lot!!

    1. F. Manuel – constant diligence and searching via Google will be your friend. Often times I find these with the words “brad button”, “glove buttons”, “shoe buttons”. I tend to have best luck on Etsy.com of all places. Many crafters use these older buttons for crafts and make them difficult at times to find. In fact I just looked on eBay using “button shoe” and found a large number of responses.

      I have also reached out to a few antique dealer in my area and told them what I am looking to find. I get occasional calls and pay less than eBay + Shipping to get what I want/need.

      Best of luck!

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