Facebook Group for Shoemakers.. or aspiring Shoemakers

I had a ton of question, where to get this and this materials – and honestly I do not have time to answer all, so I might suggest you guys to join this community:


We are almost 250 there, mostly practising craftsmen, so I believe they (we) pretty much discovered the US and several other market to find shoe parts.

15 thoughts on “Facebook Group for Shoemakers.. or aspiring Shoemakers

  1. Szia,

    Elnézést, de nem találtam elérhetőséget sehol, úgyhogy itt próbálkozom.
    Cipőkészítőnek szeretnék tanulni, de itthon nem lehet, illetve én nem találtam semmit már egy ideje. Tudnál nekem segíteni? Vagy nálad lehet tanulni?

    Wimmer Orsolya

  2. Guys I just started my own shoe making cc.I need lots of information on tools n material .any one who can assist please send email

  3. Hi i would like to buy tools at cordwainertools but cannot reach the website it’s still on holiday’s days off but we are at the end of feb 2012 can somebody help me to find out ? Maybe i have the wrong address? Thank you!

  4. Highly impressed with the recent development in shoe making,especially handmade shoes. I’m requesting for your permission join this group.

  5. finding this page is a breakthrough for me.i just started a shoemaking academy ane i will need a lot of informaition.

  6. You can find the new tools on CordwainerTools site (didn’t it Koronya ? 😉 )
    and a lot of good old tools on e-bay.

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