3 thoughts on “Welted tutorial 3 and a half

  1. Please remove from your mailing list. I thought you had school that taught the art of making hand made shoes. If know of any school would please froward it to me. You have some really cool picture of what I like to learn. I don’t think that I could learn through emails. Thank you again.

  2. Hi Marcel,

    Wonderful shoes you make! I’m a shoe fanatic myself and I’m eager to learn as much as possible on shoes.

    I saw all your youtube videos and would like to ask when your next course will be in Budapast? I noticed you have been giving more courses in the US, but thay is too far for me unfortunately.

    I had one important (to me) question though. I own a couple of nice shoes, some leather soled, other rubber soled (but still nice shoes, they are pre-Prada Church’s so excellent quality, though I’m sure it can’t compete agaisnst yours).

    Now the question is, what is your view on glueing a thin rubber sole to a leather soled shoe? I have done this, and although I don’t like the look, it makes the soles wear out less faster. I understand you are against rubber soles, am
    I correct?

    Thank you,

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