26 years II.

… so we made a bunch of shoes in the first semester, then the second one. Not a simple welted construction. Only the basic construction: cemented, which teaches you to be very meticulous with the lasting, skiving and a very, very neat feather edge.
The school was in Ăšjpest, a district of Budapest, mostly for leather. We had tanneries, paste factory, shoe factories, bag, glove and upper makers, many shoemaker workshops, gorgeous toolmakers (yes, leather crafter tools, including shoemaker ones). It was easy to collect a whole set of tools, brand new ones for really cheap. Continue reading 26 years II.

26 years

I made my first pair of shoes 26 years ago. That time it was just a mystery – form flat materials to something to such a great thing than a shoe. Amazing. I remember that summer. I was just 14. I worked as a student in a museum, helping my friends to build dioramas, but when I went home I tried to make something like a shoe. It was a magic trick for me, and wanted to reveal the secret*. Sloppy, ugly thing came out from my hands, but I did not give up. I wanted to understand what is the big trick. Somehow that flat thing becomes a shoe… anyway. Continue reading 26 years