Getting ready for the courses

I am very busy. There are 3-4 upcoming courses and plenty plans ahead. There are amazing stuff down the road, what I want to complete this year. This time just keep it as a surprise – trust me, you will like at least one of them.

So, here are the lasts, waiting for students.

This is men lasts, size 41 (look good on photos!). The design is an exact copy of a rounded toe shape Hungarian lasts, from the glorious time of the Hungarian shoe industry. Good for comfortable dress shoes and desert boots as well.

Women’s high heel. I just love this shape. Not too pointy, but not so rounded. Somewhere there at this palette, where every woman wants a pair from. the heel height is around 9 cm (3.54 inches for my American friends).

I promise from now on I will post more! I appreciate that you are still here, even if I am so lazy with posting! Thanks!

5 thoughts on “Getting ready for the courses

  1. Ah, busy. That’s what happens when you come to America Marcell! Everyone’s always so damn busy! I miss the 4.30pm knockoff from work in the workshop on Banhida utca, the walk to the 47 tram, and the ride back into the city….

  2. Koronya I want to learn to make shoes. I am an artist you can see my artwork at my blog or visit my website
    The reason of I want to learn shoes is because I think that the shoes is more than accesory. It is a tool that we need everyday to do everything. But this particular tool (shoes) can be fashion and necesary at the same time. I am in Louisiana and I am try to find workshop or school about making shoes but it is really tough because I can’t find.
    I love your post. Thank You for sharing your wondeful talent.

    1. I agree with you. Many people start dressing up with the footwear, it is bit devaluating to call it accessory – in this term, the dress is the accessory. Anyway – I am in Georgia, so let me know, when you are to learn this craft! (We have some curses this summer)

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