Course I. – Done

And it was just amazing. I always change a bit, I guess as I change myself, hopefully improving my teaching skills. % days is not much for a course, but I have good results. People usually finish their shoes, we have a lot of chance to learn – even form each other, as they worked on 2 different constructions (cemented and high heel) and also from each others mistakes. You can learn a lot from those. That is one of the reason I don’t suggest to learn from someone who is just 2 lessons ahead of you. I don’t want to repeat myself all the time, talking about my background, my professional educator’s degree, but trust me: these are important.

The 5 days was very intense, but the mood was amazingly good and everybody was just very productive. The cafe at the next door must have helped a bit.. 😉

Here are some pictures, I hope the Facebook group members will share the results as well. (by the way: aspiring shoemakers and shoe enthusiastics are always welcome to join to that group)

Actually we had two tables – they just gravitated to one. Funny..

Having fun after a hard day.

And the group. I hope to see you guys again!

3 thoughts on “Course I. – Done

  1. So cool ! Would so much love to find such a course ither in uk or in italy …. !!! 😀 well good luck everyone !!! ;D

  2. Please,I wish to join this school and am from Republic of Nigeria.What is the requirement?What do I need to do b4 become ur student?….Thanks…

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