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is done. It was great. We spent time in one of the greatest cowboy bootmaker’s workshop. Lisa Sorell – I believe everybody, who know a bit about western art, knows her name. She is a magician in the bootmaking world. I really want to make an interview with her in the near future, until then check her website:

By the way, funny fact: did you know, that bootmakers ONLY make boots in their sizes? Woman bootmakers ONLY make woman boots, because they can’t make any bigger? NOOOOOOOT. I hope you did not believe it – many people do.

We has some visitors from a local, Oklahoma newspaper, and a lovely, young reporter made a long interview with us. I am not that much happy with my pics – but that is not unusual.

THE OKLAHOMAN – Tough as Leather

And some pictures until the next time


Hard work in Lisa’s workshopImage

Guthrie is just… a surprise. Charming little town, looks like a western movie, it is a pity that they use cars there.

A welted construction from the side view. Professionals will understand why I posted this.


Heel seat stitch. Rare technique nowadays.


A ready made welting. No, not Good-year. This is handmade.Image

Lisa is just measuring a “customer”. In the front: her beautiful work.


Lisa, lasting a toe puff.


Lisa with a useless apprentice.


They made it. They deserve to be famous.

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