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Shoes and Craft

A shoemaker's blog about shoemaking

It has been five years now, since I uploaded my old videos about the method I learned first for welted construction. Five years, which changed a lot in my life. It is not about the gorgeous statistics. Those videos generated some interest, but Justin Bieber can have more visitors in an hour, just puking up on the stage. On the other hand, they changed some people’s life, which is way more important than the number of hits.

But instead of meditation about the past, I do something for this anniversary, which hopefully please even more people, than those old videos – upload a new one, about a simple, cemented construction. Why it is more important? Because this is the first step to learn shoe making. The whole video was available on DVD, two hours solid shoemaking, just the point, no commentary, no distracting music, only making shoes. I stopped selling those DVD, so I cut the whole material again, and here is 24 minutes. It might be useful for some beginners out there.

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