Online Course I. – Make Shoes with Me!

Here is the idea: we make shoes together. I will make it here, you will make it home. Let’s see if it works or not.

What I am gonna do?

1. post every week – sometimes more often and guide you through every single steps.

2. tell what you need to order and from where. Don’t worry, you don’t need to buy anything expensive, leather, some basic tools.

3.  I will give you feedback – all you need to do, is only post your result. however it looks like on to our Facebook community.

What YOUneed to do?

1. Sign up! Right here, right now. You don’t need to pay anything for me, ever for this course, and I am not gonna try to sell you anything. Whatever you receive – you will receive free. Put a comment there, and you are in. You need to sign up from the beginning, there will be materials, only available for you, outsiders will not enjoy those options. You also have to be on Facebook and join to the Shoemakers’ Facebook community. (

2. Follow instruction. Don’t change anything on designs, methods, if I don’t encourage you. If you did – then don’t ask why it doesn’t work.

3. Keep working. It is not gonna be intense.

4. You all, together – be at least 10 and be active with communication! If the number of followers will be less than 10, I stop. Deal?

5. Don’t give up if something doesn’t work – it takes time.

Our first footwear will be a flip-flop. Perfectly good for beginners and hopefully will be ready soon. So?

128 thoughts on “Online Course I. – Make Shoes with Me!

  1. I started some flip flops this summer from the excellent material you posted earlier. I have the parts mostly cut out and skived but have not got around to gluing them due to other unplanned projects. I would love to do this, however…

    I really really dislike facebook! I am a member but took a vacation. Their fast and easy attitude to giving away facts that I had to give them to sign up is really offensive and negatively affects my safety and security.

    Otherwise than the facebook angle, this is a fantastic idea.

  2. I would love to do this. As an American ex-pat living in Bogotá, Colombia, I have been making leather bags and wallets entirely by hand for about a year and a half now, and would love to start on shoes.

    Please let me know.

  3. I have been selling shoes for a long time now it is time to learn how to make them. The beginners class will help me. I am ready to learn this wonderful craft


  4. I am a bit scared 😉 but ready to be taught. This is very nice of you to do such a thing for free and I can’t wait to learn! Thank you

  5. I was waiting for an opportunity like this. I am Colombian and I love the handmade shoes. I want to participate

  6. I am very interested in learning this traditional art! I am working with Rebecca monterro from New Orleans, who is a very good friend of mine. Thank you for your opportunity and your time! Vicki

  7. Thanks Marcell for the marvellous idea!
    I am from singapore. Wondering if you have any idea where can i get the material and tool kit? I am beginner 🙂

    1. Hi Jimena! Im also from Argentina, Bs.As.!! Why dont you add me on Facebook? For me its really interesting to get in touch with people thats interested on handcrafted shoes and processes… So we can exchange information

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