Tool and Supply List for the First Footwear We Make Together (Lesson 0.)

First of all a little warmup – a flip flop. I know it sounds simple, but.. it can be artistic, sophisticated and comfortable, also a great present for the family and finally: people make living of it, so why not? Let’s make flip flops!

Before we would start let me suggest to buy a few stuff:

1. leather for upper. You need to get a thick upper leather, preferably a 2 – 3 mm thick  oil tanned leather. This will let us use it without stitches and reinforcements.

2.  get leather for insole – you can even use your upper leather here, if it is thick enough (2 – 3 mm).

3. midsole leather – I would suggest veg-tan, but not too thick. 3 mm s great. (you can calculate in oz too: 48 oz = 1 inch = 25.4 mm Good luck!)

4. outsole leather or a thinner EVA. 3-4 mm.

5. utility knife (a strong one – you need to cut those thick pieces as well)

6. Master Cement – buy a small box, 1 quart, this will be enough for several flip flops.

7. Sandpaper. Buy different grits: 40, 80, 150

8. and finally find an old flip flop, which fits you – that will be a big help for the sole shape. You can even make it – I will teach you how, in the next lesson.

15 thoughts on “Tool and Supply List for the First Footwear We Make Together (Lesson 0.)

  1. Not sure where you guys live, but if you have a Tandy Leather Factory nearby, they always have vegtan in stock…it’s not the best quality leather, but for practicing and for your first flip-flops, I would think it would do just fine!

  2. Wow, thank you! I was thinking Tandy Leather as well. I have one about 15 mins from where I live. I’ve taken a couple of leather classes with them in preparation for making shoes.

  3. I was wondering what thickness leather and type of leather (veg tanned?) is good for a outsole? I have a bunch of veg-tanned tooling leather (I make custom belts) that I could use for this.

  4. Hi, everybody. Anybody have a link for the facebook group we should be in?

    Now for a bunch of questions: i already have midsole (3mm) and outsole (veg tan, mine is about 4mm) leather, but i have an upper leather which is only 1,2-1,4mm. I should buy new one, right?

    Also, do you have any suggestions to buy the cement and the utility knife in Hungary? Because I live in Bratislava, Slovakia, and I have no clue what these are called (i’ve been living here since last year) in Slovak. So I’m thinking, instead of buying them online (it could take to long) to make a trip to Budapest and get things from there.

    Ok, so let’s do this!


  5. Hi Marcel,
    I signed up for this course via the link you supplied but didn’t get this posting (October 29th) to my email or through my facebook membership to the shoe blog. The same thing happened when I signed up for your earlier offer to join a class on starting a shoe business. No follow-up. Not sure what I am doing wrong. Anyway glad to seen the post from Ben on the facebook page that he has collected his materials so I could chase down the posting from you.

  6. Hi there! I have already seen this online course, and im not sure if you have started yet or its beginning now… can you tell me what i missed? Thanks!

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