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First of all a little warmup – a flip flop. I know it sounds simple, but.. it can be artistic, sophisticated and comfortable, also a great present for the family and finally: people make living of it, so why not? Let’s make flip flops!

Before we would start let me suggest to buy a few stuff:

1. leather for upper. You need to get a thick upper leather, preferably a 2 – 3 mm thick  oil tanned leather. This will let us use it without stitches and reinforcements.

2.  get leather for insole – you can even use your upper leather here, if it is thick enough (2 – 3 mm).

3. midsole leather – I would suggest veg-tan, but not too thick. 3 mm s great. (you can calculate in oz too: 48 oz = 1 inch = 25.4 mm Good luck!)

4. outsole leather or a thinner EVA. 3-4 mm.

5. utility knife (a strong one – you need to cut those thick pieces as well)

6. Master Cement – buy a small box, 1 quart, this will be enough for several flip flops.

7. Sandpaper. Buy different grits: 40, 80, 150

8. and finally find an old flip flop, which fits you – that will be a big help for the sole shape. You can even make it – I will teach you how, in the next lesson.

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