Online Course – Add Yourself to the Facebook Shoemakers’ Community!

You asked about, where you can join to the Facebook community. Here:

Why it is good? Because we can communicate, because more than 800 soulmate can help in resources and some encouraging words, and because I can comment your progress. For the hesitating ones: Facebook use ONLY those information, what YOU provide them.

And some update…

1. There are way more applications what I could handle in my free time. It is great! On the other hand it also means, that I can give less feedback – that is why I ask you to join to the community. I will ask some of my friends to help me in advising and giving feedbacks.

2. You also asked how much leather you should order. Well… usually you need to order a full hide. If you are in that lucky situation, that you can order less – than order enough for a pair. Twice, 4 times of your feet shape… and don’t worry, we will use the rest, soon.

3. I will keep on posting more advanced tutorials – those might be too much for a beginner, so just focus on the posts, which are tagged “online courses”. Some of my students saved and printed everything from the blog – even if I don’t plan to erase it, printing the course handouts might be a good idea.

4. First assignment comes in days, be prepared with some pencils and A/3 (approx. double letter size) papers!

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