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Monthly Archives: November 2012

There are some people in this industry I admire for their precise, talented work. Lisa is one of them. I met her work first when I joined to a western boot forum. Her work was just outstanding. I don’t mean that there are no bookmakers beside her – there are some, but she is very special. You can tell her work in a second. I don’t think that anyone else work that meticulously on the upper, than she does. I spent a week in her workshop this summer, teaching a course, and besides instructing some apprentices, I had a chance to watch her work – that time I decided to make this interview, which I finished recently.

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Why do awls worth to post about them? They do. All makers know this – awls are essentials to make really nice sewn shoes. You got to realize this, when you make your first welting – which might take several hours, if you don’t use the proper tool, you don’t use your proper tool properly… etc.

So, what make an awl really good?

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Let’s make the next steps. Design and create! We make 3 simple designs – you can choose which one you like, but just for practice, we are going to make all three, OK? Read the whole lesson before you start.

1. Cut out the sole shape you made from a piece of (preferably a bit heavier) paper

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… which is not that easy, as it seems. So, let’s do it!

1. step – step on a piece of paper, like this:

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…which is a big number, I would never be able to give you instructions personally, but – thanks to the Internet – it is possible.

I hope you managed to prepare the materials, tools, cement… I might extend that list with a medium size cutting board too.

So.. before we start – be prepared, you need to post your progress on Facebook.