Lesson I. – Create a Sole Shape

… which is not that easy, as it seems. So, let’s do it!

1. step – step on a piece of paper, like this:

Not if it is matter that much, but make sure your calf is perpendicular to the floor from every view.

2. Step 2. – draw an outline with a perpendicular pencil.

3. Now something way more important, a second line with a 45 degree pencil. We need the exact shape, where your feet meet the ground.

and don’t forget to do it inside, or as we, shoemakers call it: the medial side of your foot.

4. As we create a flip=flop, we need to determine the point between two toes, where we attach the upper to the sole. This is how it is done:

5. Now you might have something, like this:

6. Now, let’s copy it to an other paper and create the sole shape!

7. Then – this will need some research and creativity – let’s create a sole shape!

How? Good question. You can’t go into the inner line for obvious reasons, but your can release your creative mind outside. This time, just keep it simple. Don’t make it way bigger, and try to find a proportional shape – if the your foot is wide, try to draw a wide shape on the shank and heel area as well.

Toe shapes – there are plenty. Do your homework and find them – but this time just create something simple right?

OK, good luck, and don’t forget to post your result on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/groups/128266510546383/) – or use an external link, whatever you prefer. You got 3 days for this, then we move forward with the next assignment!

2 thoughts on “Lesson I. – Create a Sole Shape

  1. Great! I hope though, that it is ok I sit in the background and learn, and not make these, I can simply not wear flip-flops. Hoping I will be allowed in on the next class?
    Kathe, Denmark

  2. Hi! Is this the same process/technique used also for making dress shoes? What is the thickness of leather for the upper of dress shoes? Lining? What type of lining do you use?

    Carlos, Philippines

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