Koronya in New York

This time I am talking about the products. I decided a long time ago, that I am going to make ready to wear products in a higher level: almost the same as bespoke. Same materials, same perfection, entirely handmade. I am sure I can’t sell a lot, but after all – I can’t make a lot. I am just wondering if this new approach to the market will work or not? I really think it will.

When sometimes I look at old photos about shop windows, I am wondering – you could just walk in, and bought those iconic pieces. Not far-east crap, repacked in Italy or USA, no “made in PRC” (which is the euphemism for China, so it doesn’t hurt that much), but real, good, local stuff, well made, strong materials, made by a local master craftsman (not factory workers, only trained for one step in the production), you can even meet him, see him working – wouldn’t be just awesome? I believe this World need this now. We, craftsmen can’t make shoes for everybody, but there are people out there, who has demand for this quality, this approach.

Anyway – I am looking for retailers, preferably a small luxury store or a big one with small designer departments. Wherever – Koronya will be available as RTW this year in the big apple. I am very positive about it.

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