Last Design I.

I had a last which I plan to use for my RTW collection – you can see it in the front on the first picture. I made several modification on it over the years, but I always found something more to improve. I decided to come up with a new last – not only a change on the old RTW 224, but a new shape. I did not even started building up or shaping the old one – I just took a piece of special foam (I have no idea about its name), and get a rasp, sandpaper and work!

It took only a few minutes – as it is a very soft material – to see the first lines. I did not document the process, that is almost impossible on my own – not just dirty and dusty, but when I create, I just do anything else. I believe I am not the only one.


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Tutorials, Collected

I posted several tutorials in the past 5 years, on youtube, wordpress, behance, several forums so pretty much all the social media I could reach and imagine (and: had access).
I start to feel that these don’t get enough attention – most probably, because it is hard to find them. So here they are, I collected them. Read and learn.


Let me know if I should post any more. I will consider if I would do it. On the other hand – as I expressed this opinion a many times – I only believe that a Craft should be taught personally, from a good teacher. Internet is a great help, but for the basics, for really good, deep knowledge a teacher is a must. No video, no book, no nothing is a good alternative, wherever you are, whatever your situation is – without proper tuition you loose your money and your time and only make ‘almost’ good pieces.

If you mean shoemaking seriously (I mean you want to learn it) consider to come at least on of these courses:


HIgh Heel Tutorials


Metal Toe Tap






Toe stiffener lasting


Insole preparation for English welt


Flip Flop


Render a High Heel


Derby render




Making a High Heel shoe


Finishing a Shoe


Cemented Construction


German Welt


English welt


Norwegian Sewn (not welted!!)


Welt Making


Skiving Heel Counter