Last Design I.

I had a last which I plan to use for my RTW collection – you can see it in the front on the first picture. I made several modification on it over the years, but I always found something more to improve. I decided to come up with a new last – not only a change on the old RTW 224, but a new shape. I did not even started building up or shaping the old one – I just took a piece of special foam (I have no idea about its name), and get a rasp, sandpaper and work!

It took only a few minutes – as it is a very soft material – to see the first lines. I did not document the process, that is almost impossible on my own – not just dirty and dusty, but when I create, I just do anything else. I believe I am not the only one.


Looks pretty sexy from the front, hmm? I guess I make the test fit in my size.. 😉

ImageThis is important – toe spring. There must be some, but I don’t like the huge ones.


Front view – I absolutely want those two little edges. Maybe I am going to exaggerate it even more – it is just not easy with this foam.





This doesn’t seem like the usual lasts. Intentionally wider a bit. I believe it will result a better shoe in terms of comfort and longer topline. We will see.



Can you spot the differences? It is not easy from the photo, don’t blame yourself if you don’t. Beside it is longer with a 4-5 millimeter (I believe I make it even longer, before it gets to production). There is an other one, but it is just a tiny (but important) design issue.


Here is the result – I still need to add a few details, turn it to a harder material and finally get it made, but this going to be the shape of my new shoe.


8 thoughts on “Last Design I.

  1. Wow, the new shape seems to me considerably more elongated, and with the side edges that you are creating you are taking away from its softness, and straightening it for a male design. It also appears to have a gentler rise onto the front ridge of the foot. It is going to be a perfect, close hug for feet. I love it!

  2. Hi from Australia , love your work.
    Im attempting to make my own shoe lasts as I have very stubborn feet and lasts are hard to come by. Do u have any suggestions of materials I could use. Eg. This foam u use, able to take nails?
    Im getting pretty desperate so any information would be appreciated. Thanks heaps

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