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This is something, what I teach in the first few classes. Almost the same for every pattern – raise the counter and move in 3-3 millimeters, but the leather can change that). The other line is for lining – a bit more in as that takes less material.


After smoothing the curves I copy the medial lines.


I averaged them, but careful! You can’t do it with every last! The tongue is together with the vamp on the same axis. You need to pivot it down – it will anywhere anyway as it is very narrow.


All the lines are clear, the unnecessary ones erased – ready to make the pattern pieces.


Here they are. Only one step left – make a specification sheet. Copy ALL the visible lines to a piece of paper and make all the stitch lines, brogues, etc + specifications on it, so your upper maker on the other side of the ocean will understand them.


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