Courses in New York

As I mentioned earlier, I set up a third course in New York. So, here is your final chance to put your hands on making shoes: CLASSIC MEN’S SHOE MAKING. 5 DAYS (1490.00 USD) Participants will craft a pair of classic men’s shoe with cemented welt. All materials and tools will be provided. 17th July to 21st… Read More

New Workshop

…in progress. This time I decided to make some furniture. Obviously there is nobody around who could help me in this – or who could is just not affordable for me, so after some research I decided to make my tables for myself. FYI I have NEVER ever made tables. So I did the design… Read More

Updates and News

1. Let me start with the great news – finally we could set up a company, here in the United States, so now on Koronya is officially represented and capable of doing local business, education… and this is the fantastic update – webshop. Yes. will get back to business very-very soon. Tools, materials, lasts… Read More