Updates and News

1. Let me start with the great news – finally we could set up a company, here in the United States, so now on Koronya is officially represented and capable of doing local business, education… and this is the fantastic update – webshop. Yes. Cordwainertools.com will get back to business very-very soon. Tools, materials, lasts – everything what you might need to create footwear.

2. Courses are coming soon – due some cancellations we still have at least one spot in all of them, moreover we plan to keep a third one in New York. 5 courses in one summer! That is probably a new record for us.

3. I found a workshop in Savannah. Maybe not the fanciest location ever – the third floor of a school building, but it has enough space to create shoes and maybe some bags. No storefront, but it will come eventually. Maybe in a year or so. Anyway – I am gonna hold the summer courses in there, I hope the participant will enjoy it, just like me.
Actually it also let me to post more tutorials and blog posts. Isn’t it just great?

4. Koronya RTW is coming! I actually have a bunch of ideas and now I have a workshop to make it happen. Just watch!

And finally something important to mention: 
Register to courses, if you really mean it – we were really generous not to charge anything for those wishy-washy people who booked a place, than change their mind in the last weeks. That is over. No other institutes let students do that ever. It is not fair to us, it is not fair to others who couldn’t register and definitely not fair to all the others, endangering the course itself. I hope you guys will understand.

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