Alligator sandals

Screen Shot 2013-06-15 at 10.57.35

Rare product from my workshop – a woman sandal. Every girl deserve to have a red, patent shiny, alligator sandal, right? 😉

Here is a close shot. The details of the alligator skin are just amazing. It is not the cheapest stuff to work with – I wouldn’t suggest it for beginners, but on the other hand – with a little experience – it is not crazy hard. There are plenty different finishes for the alligator skin from the ultra-soft, dress material to the hard, shiny one + many-many colors. The best idea, if you ever plan to make something from this noble material to go to the factory directly.

aligator sandal2

The interesting detail for shoemakers in this product is the counter. Shaping a counter in case of a normal shoe, is not a big deal – the toe lasting will take care of it, not in case of a sandal. Maybe once I will create a tutorial about that…

6 thoughts on “Alligator sandals

  1. Beautiful! Must have a pair of these. Please post a tutorial on heel counters and d’orsay type shoe lastings.

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