I got back from New York on a long road trip, going through Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina.
Beside the terrible weather conditions (over 90-100 degrees almost every day, which made the whole city feel like a sweating armpit), the horrible apartment (except the view – that was gorgeous), and the inedible food (with a few exception) the trip was really useful, I met really interesting people and I could set up some great connections.


On the way back we stopped at one of the most beautiful city in the States (at least for me so far), Lancaster, PA. Pennsylvania seems beautiful, definitely a refreshing experience after the crowded, sweating weeks of New York.


We spent 2 night in the land of the Amish people, met some of my Amish friends (we met last year and this year I visited them again). They are actually nice people as soon they figure out you are not a tourist, hunting for a good buggy picture for your collection. I spent almost an hour in a harness maker workshop and spent thetime pretty much the way we, craftsmen spend time in a workshop – talking about tools, methods, leather, sources and for sure: customers. They promised me to help me translate my great-great grandfather’s journal from 1844 (the book he brought with him to his master journey with all the feedback he got – in old German, This is where they will come to the picture.. ).


Anyway: we are back, home, Savannah, Georgia so I can start organizing my work here, fulfill the orders and prepare out trip back to Hungary!


Basic Toolkit

One of my student asked me last week, if I can complete a lit what she would need for making shoes… I must confess, that I have a very little idea. I pretty much just buy, get everything and the sometimes I get to use them. On the other hand I tried to complete a basic toolkit set, what I suggest for shoemakers to get. I admit the the knives a bit beyond the basic kit, but after all you will have specialized knives for different jobs, especially, when they are getting short from the sharpening (that might take a few years and shoes).


So, let’s go through the short list of tools!

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