Book Illustrations


Here we are now. i can make these many illustration roughly a day, although all of them must be photo shot for tracing, which mean an other few hours. If I decide shading them, that is probably an other day. hmm… I kind of like them this way, so I will put them into a page layout to see how they look.



By the way – if it isn’t obvious – all of them are my tools, I use these for my shoes, work with them everyday. Don’t they deserve to be stars for a bit? 😀

What? A Book? Yes.

This was a plan forever now, but now I found a time to finalize it. It still take probably a year more (I hope I am not too optimistic), but now I am on the right track.

I set up a corner in my workshop for the photo shoots (I still need lights), I started to photo my tools and figured out how I want to use them. The next step is to make the illustrations for the pattern-making section, which is a huge amount of work.

Did I mention, that after dealing with publishers, I decided to be my own publisher? Well, I know… It might be challenging, but it seems they don’t believe in this they way I do. I know, shoemaking is not a teenage vampire story, so probably not that many people will buy it, but still. It is a must. I need to put everything I know into books to preserve it – I have no right to keep it. Continue reading What? A Book? Yes.