18 thoughts on “Working on my Book!

  1. Shaded! It’s easier to understand the detail of the more complex tools. The drawings are so nice, though, that I imagine it will be understandable either way.

  2. Wonderful that you will do a book! I have really enjoyed your tutorials on line and I have all the other books available, so I am looking forward to yours. Your thong sandal was especially great, I think.

    Shaded is easier to understand the 3-d aspects of the illustration, especially for those who have never seen this tool in real life. Shading will also help with showing right and wrong sides of the leather and other pieces of the construction.

    I applaud you for using line drawings, as the books I have seen using photos are not as easy to understand what one is seeing, unless one is already familiar with the objects/techniques.

  3. I prefer the non-shaded illustration. It is simple and clear. I feel that an illustration with many more parts could benefit from the effects of shading.

  4. Shaded, please! It is much easier to understand – the more information you can convey, the better! Looking forward to the book!!

  5. So many responded as “shaded”! What a shame because I love the line/contour-only look! Especially if it were on grey paper…but even if not. But if shaded is better, then shaded by hand would be most beautiful.

  6. Agreed with JB, I like not shaded best, a craft look for a shoemaking book makes more sense for me. It looks great and either ways I look forward to seeing the book finished!

  7. Un-shaded. I think it strips the object down to essentials and shows it more clearly. I guess it probably depends on the object. But in the one shown I definitely like the unshaded one better. It has a more classical technical illustration look about it. Though I am an engineer, so maybe that appeals more to me than the average person.

    Also, it sounds like it takes you a lot more time to do the shading. So if you use unshaded, maybe you would complete the work for the book more easily and we could all enjoy it sooner 🙂

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