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This was a plan forever now, but now I found a time to finalize it. It still take probably a year more (I hope I am not too optimistic), but now I am on the right track.

I set up a corner in my workshop for the photo shoots (I still need lights), I started to photo my tools and figured out how I want to use them. The next step is to make the illustrations for the pattern-making section, which is a huge amount of work.

Did I mention, that after dealing with publishers, I decided to be my own publisher? Well, I know… It might be challenging, but it seems they don’t believe in this they way I do. I know, shoemaking is not a teenage vampire story, so probably not that many people will buy it, but still. It is a must. I need to put everything I know into books to preserve it – I have no right to keep it.

I still have questions to answer:

– how should I price it? Being an economist I am well aware that the costs don’t matter, only the demand. There is not much demand – compared those vampire stories, but… it is a special market, and people needs something to guide them. So: will they be able/and want to pay over 50 dollars? Maybe even 75? I try to keep the price low, so everybody can afford and they not end up photocopy this. (and if they do – better to do it with my book, than others right?)

– It is a huge investment from our income. Not if my wife wouldn’t support it 100% – just like everything I came up with but still… I need to stop taking orders for a month or so, I need to spend 8 hours in the workshop beside teaching (and other 6 hours), we need to invest to lights, a better computer, (we already bought a camera last year), I need to create 200-300 illustrations, in approx. 1-1,5 hours per one, translation (I can’t write everything in English), correcting, DTP, … and I did not even mention printing, which is a big cost. Most probably the easiest and most cost cost effective way is China. After all we will invest several thousands dollars in actual money and way more in work without being sure it will even come back.

– I am not sure how much should I put into one book and how much I should reserve to others. I believe I can fill up 256 pages easily. That is just a few basic and some advanced construction, pattern basics, etc. On the other hand I know way more. I have books, which will never be published anymore – that information shouldn’t be lost too and should be translated finally to English. I am considering to publish a 2 parts book… still not decided yet.

The good news, I have the table of content and I got all positive feedbacks from professionals I asked with minor suggestions for changes, so it is coming along. Thanks for all the support and hopefully in a year or so, we can all happily use this book!

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