Koronya Intensive Apprenticeship Course, 2014 Summer

Great news, here’s the final schedule for our 2014 Summer Intensive Apprenticeship Course!


9th (Monday) to 27th (Friday) June 2014, on weekdays
The duration of the course is 3×5 days, that is 15 intensive all day workdays.


Savannah, GA, USA. This is the only location and time we have for this year, so please make your plans accordingly!

What you will be learning in this three weeks:

A hand welting technique – based on your prior experience, you will be learning one hand welting technique.
Shoes can be either men’s or women’s.
Design, pattern making and upper making. However, due to time and space restraints, we won’t be able to make those uppers into shoes. You will work with the ready made ones provided by me.
Hand finishing: we will not use any machines during the entire process. You will learn the traditional way of sole and heel finishing.
All sorts of tricks of the trade, business tips, etc.

The Koronya intensive course experience:

The intensive apprenticeship course focuses on the construction. We will do our best to provide you with the size of your choice, but supplies are limited. The point is not making shoes for your own use, but to learn the techniques.
You may bring your own lasts and design an upper and make the pattern on them. But the final shoes will be made on the lasts in the sizes that I provide, simply because the uppers we use are specifically designed on these, so they will definitely fit.
When we say intensive, we really mean it! Making a pair of hand welted shoes in three weeks while learning the process of design, pattern making and upper making is demanding. Absolute commitment is required.
All materials will be superior quality Baker leather – Soles, insoles, stiffeners, welts.
All tools used are genuine shoemaking tools and will be provided to all students.

What’s included in the price:

Use of all the tools required in the process
Use of lasts
Patterns made during the classes
One pair of hand-welted shoes, made by you
Water, coffee

What’s not included:

Lodging, food, transportation, etc.

Availability is limited, so early registration is recommended! Please contact me here or at info(at)koronya(dot)com for registration details!

9 thoughts on “Koronya Intensive Apprenticeship Course, 2014 Summer

  1. Hi there

    The course outline sounds stuning. Pity I live so far away. sadly I live in South Africa and there are no really good course to do here.

    East London
    South Africa

  2. do you have any branch here in the philippines im interested but im from the philippines .

  3. Dear Sir,
    Have you booked all students?
    I am interested in your course.
    Please reply!
    Best regards


  4. Well,i’m very very interested in the semimar..but i need more details…like where’s the venue,and how much is the price???

  5. Hello, I am very very interested in taking your course. I have sent a few “registration inquiries” on shoemaking course.com but have not heard back from anyone. I would like to sign up and pay as soon as possible so I can book a flight to GA.

  6. OMG!! I’m just now stumbling across your wonderful page & I am very sad that I missed this opportunity being that I have friends/family in that area!!! When & where will your next course be?

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