A Precious Beast

Diamond cutter and polishers (diamantaire) is a rare and very highly appreciated craft, which needs a lot of training, special skills and equipment – for a good reason. They work with one of the most precious and hardest treasure of Earth, diamonds. When they find those stones, they are not beauty, pretty much look like a big piece of broken glass, but the beauty is somewhere in there. A professional can cut it to pieces, polish it and create a million dollar masterpiece.
This is my latest piece, which made me feel like one of those experts. I used a very precious leather – alligator, and not just any – a huge beast, approx.  4.5-5 meters long. It was wild caught, full with scars, healed injuries, marks of figthing. Alligators in this size are usually 30 years old, and can weight over a half ton.



You can tell from those huge scales – the size of this animal a mighty beast. The construction wasn’t even a question for me – goiser. What else? Power, strength and look. This texture needed a matching welt and double sole.

I have to give some credit in this work to my student – Krystal Sokolis, who greatly contributed in making this piece with the upper sewing. You can find her (seriously misspelled title) blog here: http://ophilyahandmade.blogspot.com with some other nice pieces.

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 7.21.08

Ophiliya bag

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 7.20.42


another Ophyliya bag





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