Wholecut Upper Making Tutorial

12 thoughts on “Wholecut Upper Making Tutorial

  1. Thank you! I have made some half lined shoes because I could not figure out how to deal with the tongue. The order of how to do things is very difficult to get from reading a book. These photos are worth gold.

  2. Another vote of thanks. A tutorial with a photo sequence like this gives all those important details that are otherwise never mentioned – how wide to give allowances on the lining, where and how a skived edge should end, how thick to make the piping, etc. Since I make a pair of shoes so infrequently, I forget things. So I really appreciate having a visual reminder of how to each stage should look like

  3. thanks for this post.i don,t understand,do you use top beading made from leather?do you skive it too?is it made from thinner leather than the one used for shoe faces?what are the white material on picture 5,in the laces area?so many questions,hope you have time to answer.

  4. Am a fan of whole cut shoes,but I have difficulty in the pattern.Can you guide me step by step.

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