Footwear Symposium – 2015 summer! Register Now!

I have been extremely busy lately. But for all the right reasons! I’m happy to announce two important events that’s going to happen this summer.

Ashland Hills Lobby
  1. The long anticipated summer course will be held from 10th June to 17th June. It will be held in Ashland, OR. The technique I will be teaching is the English welt. It is an advanced technique, so more experienced makers are welcome to participate! I’ve been receiving requests for a welting course, and I’ve resisted for a long time. So this is a rare opportunity for all those wishing to learn a welted construction from me. And as usual, the course will be super intensive, hands-on, with a completed pair of shoes in the end. The course is 8 days long, and it includes pattern making and upper making demos (no hands-on).
  2. I started the Shoemaking Forum four years ago for the purpose of helping my former students remain in touch with each other and help them along their journey to become better craftspeople. And now, four years and more than five thousand member later, there’s no doubt that this beautiful craft has more enthusiasts than we ever imagined. So for the first time, we attempt to gather them together in a real life event.
I’m happy to announce that the organization of the First Footwear Symposium is well under way and it will be an awesome opportunity for all kinds of footwear professionals to meet and exchanging experience.
It’s going to be held from 19th June to 21st June, that means right after the shoemaking course. Registration is open, the participation fee is $125, which covers all the happenings during the event, such as workshops, presentations, vendor demos, expert panel discussions. You can find out more here:
You’ll want to register as soon as you can since availability is limited and is already filling up fast!
So come and join me this summer in Ashland, OR for some shoemaking fun and knowledge!

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