Baby shoes 

 There is something about baby shoes, maybe their size, maybe the story behind, which makes them so adorable. My little son turns one year old soon, so it is time to make him a shoe/memory. A goiser shoes. Not many like this are made nowadays. 

First step – pattern making. It was not a super difficult pattern, although I had to pay attention that it has to fit under the sewing machine at every seam.


The pattern is fine, now let’s make a shoe out of this!


Preparation – pretty much the same, than any other goiser. Surprisingly the materials are the same too. Toddlers do not need flexible soles yet, they need more support and protection.


Lasting, done. So far so good. Not even complicated, except giving support to the last. More painful than I thought.


Welting in progress. It seems easy although it is not. Because of its size, the handling was way too difficult at certain points.


Sole stitching in progress.


Finishing touches – sockliner, with a Koronya logo of course.


And the ready made product.


And on the happy owner with some personal message on the sole, what he might read in decades.