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There are changes with the high heel course, here are the details:


March 20-25
Savannah, Georgia

The 6 days program will cover:

  1. design basics
  2. pattern making
  3. clicking
  4. upper-sewing
  5. lasting and
  6. finishing

With a lot of hands-on and yes, you will walk away with your very own high heel. All the participants will receive the next DVD “High Heel Making – Shoemaking #3”. All the materials and tools will be provided and we will also give you a chance to purchase tools and additional materials so you can continue practicing.

We have very limited seats and it usually fills up pretty fast – but if you intend to come, send us a mail, so we can send you a registration sheet and details.

The participation fee:

6 days: 1495 USD

Please send your inquires:

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