What class would you like Marcell to offer next??

Hey Shoes & Craft Readers,

Marcell will be offering some classes at his workshop here in Savannah, Georgia and we want your opinion. What class would you like Marcell to teach next? If you have other suggestions, please message us!! We look forward to hearing from you!

– Emily

POLL CLOSED – No more voting at this time

Author: Emily

Life & times of an apprentice: The trials & tribulations of apprenticing for master shoemaker MM (Marcell Mrsan AKA Master Menace). Please see my Instagram (_ellesole) for daily postings of MM and I having a ton of fun in his workshop. Typical day may involve but not limited to: redecorating his workshop when left alone, labeling his tool drawers with outlandish comments, threatening to sale his tools on eBay, trashing his beloved scrap piles, nearly gutting myself with knifes, breaking sand belts, setting things on fire and, generally speaking, destroying the workshop. And that is just me!! MM hides my shoe patterns, tells me shoe elves trashed my work and requires everything to be redone. MM even sneaks into his workshop after hours to label my work with ghastly comments such as "WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?" or other unsavory comments like "EMILY - MASTER LABELER AND SAND BELT BREAKER."

4 thoughts on “What class would you like Marcell to offer next??”

  1. So wish I lived closer, his teaching from the blog is amazing in real life would be mind blowing. At least I can read and see his and now emily’s latest work, thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Kara! Thanks for the message! You know you can always do what I did: use your vacation time. 🙂 I’m not from Georgia either, I live in California and stayed at some cheap Airbnb situation that I’d prefer not to relive for one of his stitch down courses last year. Hopefully, you have an opportunity in the future. I assure you they really are that fun and you get to meet some really cool people 😉 wishing you all the best!!

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