Footwear Symposium 2016 – Register Now!

Here it is again, our very own Footwear Symposium in June 24-26  Ashland, Oregon.


Why do you want to be there? Because it will be amazing. The long version: pre symposiums workshops (register here: , presentations, competition and a lot of chances to purchase tools, lasts, leathers and so on… Not talking about the chance you can meet your fellow shoe and bootmakers and other enthusiasts and educate yourself about the trade – independently of your level. There is always more to learn.

There will be amazing speakers:

And an expert panel, where you can ask any question and get answers right away, feedback of your work or just advices what you need.

Here is a couple of pics from the last year:

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3rd Post from the Apprentice

Hi Shoes & Craft Readers,

I am sorry. I fell off the blogging wagon. Good news is: I plan to write another post later this week with more current stuff. In the meantime, I wrote this post the first week of February and didn’t publish because I was chicken. But, I figure if I am going to blog about my experience I will be candid… So here it is:

Although I was supposed to be home spending time with family, I worked quite a bit and figured I would share what has been going on. We got MM’s new commercial space locked down. MM moved to a bigger, better studio in Savannah (see MM’s Instagram for photos). I can’t express in words how excited I am for him. Seriously, I am over the moon happy. MM gave me a pretty major role in his move (e.g. suggestions on paint, setup, design, etc). Since I was in California when MM signed the contract and got the actual keys to move in, he called me on FaceTime so I could experience with him and his family opening the doors for the first time! It was very cool. As someone who aspires to open their own studio it was exciting to see everything come together. Beyond workshop and designing its space, we set up MM’s trademark with USPTO, made changes to his websites, added some more classes, got in contact with a few new suppliers, bought some more equipment/machines, worked on his book and some other administrative things. All great stuff!! I am sure MM plans to discuss all these exciting things so I don’t want to take too much wind out of his sails…. So, I will get into my loquacious and overly caffeinated posting.

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