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I am just back from a 2 weeks holiday inHungary with my little one – so it is a great question actually. Let’s see what I am up to. Just like always -a  lot. A lot of plans a lot of things to accomplish and work on.



I started a tutorial channel at the end of July on Vimeo. So far there is 11 videos (not bad, since I was on holiday for 2 weeks, hmm?). Anyway – I want to spread this word first as this is the greatest chance for shoemakers to educate themselves. I don’t mean that it is an alternative for an expensive course (actually for some of them – yes), but it is a continuous education for a price of a cheap meal in a not super expensive restaurant. 20 USD – that is it. For the end of the month videos can be rented/downloaded individually for even cheaper.


Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 9.04.47 PM.png



I think this is one of the biggest deal. I decided that for a while at least, I stop teaching big courses for many reasons. Of course these are good income – this is why shoe and bootmakers do it, but… I want to teach more, I want to give more individual attention. Why? Well… I was teaching literally hundreds of shoemakers – many of them became a successful entrepreneur, designer, maker. One of t he key factor of their – and through this mine – success is: how much they can learn in that short period of time. How much they can learn. For students I believe this is the best, so let’s do it this way.


Finally! I opened my store in Savannah, Georgia. I know – I already communicated this a lot, but it is just never enough. A store. A beautiful space in downtown Savannah, where customers can meet me, buy my work and they can smell the scent of the leather, see the shoemaking process – a piece of heaven for the footwear fans. Visit me if you are around!



This was a lot of work. Even I made 3 DVDs so far – it is always a lot of challenges. I started to sell them in a discounted price (which was more like a crowdfunding), now it is close to finish and probably Friday it will be on Vimeo (the discounted price will be raised though).

Until then here you can buy them in pre-sale, still for only 60 (both):

And of course there are other projects coming, but let’s keep some of the surprises for the next time, “shall we”? 😉


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