and Now Let Me Give Back a Little Bit…

I would like to make an offer. A public one. If you have a place to feature shoemaking related videos – and you represent an educational institute or a museum – I would like to give you a video. For free. If the institute your represent is well known/have a good reputation I am going to make you a custom one, so you can share it with your visitors.

Why? because I am a realist. By now I had to realize that footwear traditions are not catchy enough to be featured in mainstream media – so let’s start from there and do something about it. All, slightly footwear related exhibitions have some kind of video program on the screens (some of them use mine), but why not an own, customized one? Good quality – up to 4K if necessary.

This what I can do for my craft. This is what WE can do for this craft. Let me know:

4 thoughts on “and Now Let Me Give Back a Little Bit…

  1. How much do your shoes cost? I can never get shoes that fit. Can you make shoes for me? If so, how do I send a cast of my feet to you? I don’t wear high heels. I wear size 7.5 narrow but have very little instep. Shoes do not fit me unless I can tie them because I walk out of them. My email address is


  2. I have recently taken an interest in shoe making and after scouring the web for a month I finally happened upon your website by pure chance. I think there is an interest in good shoe making tutorial information, but it definitely isn’t easy to find. I will be spending the next few months virtually picking your brain before I began on my shoe making journey.

    1. I do not have a place for you to show your videos. However, I would be absolutely ecstatic if someone were to offer custom shoes that actually fit the feet of individuals for a reasonable price. That person would become a millionaire.  No shoes fit my feet and I am forced to wear athletic shoes all the time.  I know many people in the same situation. I hope you find a place to advertise because this is a huge need that no one has filled yet. Angie

      Angie Torre’s Store

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