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Here are a few of my design – and I guess I owe a little explanation where they came from and why do I post it now.

A little while ago I did every single chance for competitions for certain reasons. I won some and a lot more did not succeeded. Kind of the nature of the competitions. This time I decided to show the World that beside I am a teacher, pattern-maker and a maker as well, I can also make decent footwear renders (and designs) as well. Graphic design and typography was always one of my favorite.

Why do I post them now? Well, it was 3 years ago. I am not saying that there were no “screen shoe” ideas out there, but I did not see any of them. So, here is my little contribution to the street athletic footwear industry. (By the way _ thinking about the suspension idea, I don’t that it would work – if does and someone copy it – I want a part of it! 😉 )


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