Guild Patch and More

This is where we start – the apron patch of our wonderful organization, the Footwear Makers Guild (est 2015). Well, I am going to share more info about it, when we set up all the administrative details, but until then – let’s see what we can do with this patch, beside slap it on our shirt or apron!
Place it on a piece of paper and mark the “M” from the “makers” and the bottom of the back of the hammer! 

Now, turn it upside down and copy the line under the letters of  “member” 
There we go, we are almost there! 
Connect the edges with a ruler! (the pattern ruler is just perfect for this job! 😉 )
Here is what we have – a beautiful heel shape for a mid size men shoe! But not only that – we have something way better… 
ah, yes. The line you get connecting the marks you made previously – will give you the perfect placement for the heel rubber insert (

Now, you are ready to create your perfect and matching heel toplifts with these outstanding quality rubber toplifts for your bespoke work! Good luck!

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