The New Pattern Ruler

This is my new Standard Pattern Ruler. It has several functions and makes patternmaking much easier and actually logical.

Let’s start with a little story. Where did this come from? I was a footwear design professor in a college for years. I taught the same exact patterns every quarter, sometimes multiple classes in the same period, every quarter – over and over again. It was actually really useful – for me at least. Of course I made countless patterns before that, but doing the same things over and over again, taught me how to teach it really effectively. 

How – would one ask. “this is only a ruler, right?” – very right! Moreover, when someone skeptically ask me why should they buy this, I usually say – “you don’t need to”. It does the same what a straight ruler, a compass, a French curve, a calculator and a lot more – just in one single piece. After all, it might be even cheaper that all of those together and I bet – you won’t get three lacehole line and topline, profile curve patterns with those. But again: you don’t need it. You can just do what I did – carry all of those and create the pattern the very old fashioned way.

The other question I have – “how a ruler like this can be justified in this modern world, when we use CAD/CAM softwares to create our patterns?”. Another easy question to answer. Professional pattern-makers prefer 2D softwares. I myself used Delcam, now Caligola4 – the all start from a paper last copy or master pattern. The best, if you can use your manually created pattern as an input. 

A manually created master patter will provide a lot more control over your design than any 3D software.

Finally here is the link if you want to give a try:

Pattern Ruler (

Pattern Ruler with DVD on sale (

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