The Bellows Tongue

AKA nightmare for pattern makers. For a good reason. Not just because it is complicated – it is – but the perfect pattern is not enough, there is the leather factor – how this going to behave on the last? Will the crease line be too thick? Will it go the right spot? Can you… Read More


I am in shoemaking trade for over 30 years. I doesn’t feel enough for a lot of things. First of all: to build a really successful brand. I was born in Hungary and that is definitely not the right place for that. There is not enough money or appreciation for this trade there. (I mean… Read More

New York, Here I Come!

Early November I will visit New York to hold a sort pattern making course for all levels and meet shoe friends! I will also present the pattern ruler – so, please feel free to join! The events will take place in Brooklyn Shoe Space, 224 Roebling St. Brooklyn, NY. here is a link to register:… Read More